Hi! Welcome to ChristiAnthology! What do you think it would look  like to have unity among Christians? I have a passion to restore Christian unity by eliminating the  chasm of lies that separate Protestants and Catholics. I used to believe a lot of those lies. Then one day, I  saw a claim that I have heard countless Protestants repeat about the Council of Trent and   I decided to go read the Council Document for myself.  In  context.  It would be an understatement to say that what I discovered shocked me. That began a journey of checking and double checking sources on both sides.  I invested  thousands of hours of pouring over original texts, church documents, historical documents, websites, books, media etc.and it led to the riches of where  heaven and earth kiss and  the King of Kings feeds and nourishes his beloved.  It occurred to me: How many people are going to do that many hours of research to find what they are missing?  Wouldn’t it be great to create a  compendium of  the best information and  put it in a concise, easy to read format so no one else has to spend thousands of hours digging for the truth?  So I did just that. This blog is that compendium. It is an Anthology for Christ (Christi in Latin). My hope is that it will restore the bond of unity among Christians.  Pax Christi, Victoria