Hi, I’m Victoria. A few years ago I had a series of dreams about discovering rooms in my house that I did not know existed. The discovery was always met with a “Wow! How did I not know this was here?”, followed by an eager anticipation of how those rooms would be used, and mixed with a sense of loss that those rooms had sat empty, unused and unknown for so long.

I forgot about those dreams until after I made a real-life discovery of the truth and beauty of the Catholic church. It was then that I realized that those dreams serve as a great metaphor of how much I had been missing but had no idea I was missing.

Finding the truth was not an easy journey. As a Protestant who was convinced the Catholic church had corrupted the true gospel, worshipped Mary, wouldn’t allow people to read the bible and had invented man-made traditions and empty rituals, I believed that any true believers in the Catholic church who had a relationship with Jesus did so in spite of the Church. Well, here I stand, admitting to the world how very wrong I was.A wide chasm of lies keeps Protestants separated from the fullness of the Christian faith.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said,

I fell into that camp of millions. I hated what I thought the Church was. But for a former university professor who loves to research, who is willing to examine presuppositions and beliefs in light of original sources and to read quotes in context, it was game on when a friend gave me a book on Orthodoxy and Catholicism. I delved in. Everything started to change as I dove deep into history. At first, I was sure it wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny. It couldn’t, right? But the more I studied original sources, the truth of what John Henry Cardinal Newman stated became glaringly clear:

To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.

But old prejudices die hard. I remember saying, I’ll go where the Truth leads, but let it be something like Anglican, or Orthodox, just NOT Catholic.
Yeah, famous last words. I will be eternally grateful to our Lord that I didn’t get my way. I followed Jesus into his one, holy, catholic and apostolic church and encountered the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world in a profound new and tangible way. His way on His terms. A way that I think you will want to experience too-if you are willing to examine your own presuppositions by learning what the church really teaches and not what quotes taken out of context can appear to say.

If you don’t want more of Jesus, don’t desire to know all of his truth, and don’t long for the bonds of love and unity among Christians to increase, this blog probably isn’t for you. This blog exists to eliminate the great divide that has separated Protestants and Catholics for too long. To invite all believers into unity in the fullness of our faith. Can you even imagine what that would look like? I can. That’s why this anthology is dedicated to restoring the bonds of Christian unity that Jesus prayed for. I hope you will join me. Vivo Christo Rey!