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How Did the Reformers Know They Rediscovered the True Gospel?  When Was the  Biblical Doctrine of Justification First Defined in History and How Was it Corrupted by the Church? What Does  the Catholic Church Really Teach about Works Salvation?  These are the questions… Continue Reading →

That We May Be One

If Christians are all following  Christ, why we don’t we all agree about: How we are saved?  Who can be saved? Baptism?  Communion?  The Atonement? What the Word of God is? These are not “non-essentials” of the Christian faith. They are… Continue Reading →

Why Martin Luther Altered the Bible: The Misunderstanding that Fueled a Revolt

One of the tragic ironies of Christian history is that the deepest split in the history of the Church…this split between Protestant and Catholic originated in a misunderstanding.  And to this day many Catholics and many Protestants still do not… Continue Reading →

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