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If You Traveled Back in Time to the First Church, What Would you Find?

My friend, Heather, posted a video on her Facebook page a few weeks back.  The video wasn’t professionally produced. It  had no artistic shots, no music, no script. It was just  a guy sitting at his kitchen table sharing what… Continue Reading →

Why Do People Think Catholics Worship Mary?

The Church prohibits worship of anyone or anything than God. Yet, many people have been convinced to believe  the canard of Mary worship.  Even some Catholics. I used to believe it too. I had fallen into the trap of judging… Continue Reading →

The Myths and Truth About Beautiful Churches: Part 2

Yes, we must care for the physical needs of the weak, the poor, the helpless, but we must also care for their hunger for beauty and meaning, for nourishment for the heart and soul.-Dr. Holly Ordway My family and the  Palacio… Continue Reading →

What Happened When Adoration Came to The Most Dangerous City on Earth

From 2008 to 2012, Juarez Mexico was widely deemed the most dangerous place on Earth. –National Geographic In the space of 5 years, the murder rates declined  from 3,766 to only 256. “Jorge Gonzalez Nicholas, a prosecutor from Ciudad Juárez, said,… Continue Reading →

Is Unity Conformity? Diverse Spiritual Gifts; Only One Faith

A friend recently asked me to listen to a podcast on Christian Unity by Kris Vallorton that posed the question, “Does it matter that we hold contradictory truths? Isn’t the important thing that we all have one Spirit?” Vallorton asserted… Continue Reading →

Bridges and Walls: The Christian Response to Immigration and Refugees

      There’s a whole lot of cherry picking going on in regard to the issue of immigration and refugees. We are all guilty of confirmation bias.  We quote mine for scriptures that support our experience or our beliefs. We… Continue Reading →

The Myths and Truth about Beautiful Churches: Part I

When it comes to weddings, beautiful churches often have a long waiting list. There’s a reason for that. Weddings celebrate something sacred  and beautiful. Yet there is a growing  sentiment  that beautiful churches are unnecessary or even wasteful. Some  reject… Continue Reading →

That We May Be One

If Christians are all following  Christ, why we don’t we all agree about: How we are saved?  Who can be saved? Baptism?  Communion?  The Atonement? What the Word of God is? These are not “non-essentials” of the Christian faith. They are… Continue Reading →

Come On In, The Water’s Fine!

  The Tiber River runs through Rome and separates classical  Rome’s  Colosseum, Forum,  Parthenon, Circus Maximus and Imperial Palace on the east from St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square the Sistine Chapel  and Vatican City on the west. The geography to… Continue Reading →

Christians, Let’s Take Back Halloween and Own It

The question comes up every year. Should Christians celebrate Halloween?  Over the years, our family, like many of our friends,  has been thoughtful about how to approach the day  without glorifying evil. When I taught Speech, every autumn brought a new batch… Continue Reading →

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